Barry Lawton is running for Boston City Council to Represent District 3.

Who is Barry Lawton?

Born in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, alongside his three sisters, he follows the traditions of striving for excellence demonstrated by their parents, Edna Lawton, currently in Yorktown, Virginia, assisted living, and deceased father, Dr. William Lawton (ret.) Col.US Army, resting in Arlington National Cemetery.

Barry has lived a lifetime of service following the path of generations that came before him at a young age serving Catholic Mass for the 3rd Division in Würzburg, Germany, and the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Through such paths, he learned that service should not just be for some but for all.

Family retirement picture for Colonel W. O. Lawton, Ed.D.

A Life of Service

As a military brat living in many different places, Barry learned that people all want the same basic things; a good quality of life, access to quality education, and a fair and decent living wage to pursue their aspirations and those of their family, regardless of race or culture.

Boston has been his home for nearly fifty years, and he is driven by the idea of ensuring the next generation becomes civically engaged participants to make life better for everyone.

Coming to Boston University, Barry was met with racial turmoil in the city and union disruption on campus, all while experiencing the most beautiful city he had ever seen. Such college experiences led him to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Its doctrine, “Culture For Service and Service For Humanity,” is still the driving force he practices and instills in his children, Asberry and Sarah Anne.

Barry, a single father, often enjoys the success of his twins, Asberry and Sarah Anne Lawton.

Barry’s Vision

Over many decades spent in Dorchester, there has been a transformation in our neighborhoods, its people, and most importantly, our voice in City Hall.

In Dorchester, the city's most economical and demographically diverse district, the challenge of unifying interests is great but not insurmountable. Our new leadership will require a well-trained and empathetic leader who recognizes that while slow and steady progress is most often prudent, in some cases – and in some parts of District 3 – fast and furious must be the pace of our forward progress.

Barry has a career of training in the hallways of the State House, Boston City Hall, and, most fulfilling, a quarter century in the hallways of Boston Public Schools.

In 1998, Barry authored 11 pieces of legislation to address the issues we grapple with today; transportation, criminal justice, quality of life, and quality education for all who need or want to continue a life-long learning journey.

His service to Dorchester is guided by the pioneers of Dorchester, who also led by a commitment to community service, and drives him to seek to continue such tradition. 

Barry is asking for your support and vote to continue his life mission as your voice and gateway to Boston City Government.

A Musician.

As a small business owner of his own entertainment company,  Barry understands the many challenges of being competitive and innovative.

An Athlete.

While Barry's father served at the Pentagon, he was second in the state in the half mile. He went on to Boston University to become NCAA New England and Yankee Conference Champion and multiple relay titles, including the Penn Relays.

A Retired Teacher.

Barry has always been on the front line of education. He taught history for twenty-four years, at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School, East Boston High School, Madison Park High School, and Dorchester High School.

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