Barry is running for Boston City Council, representing District 3,

to listen to and serve its residents. He vows to bring vigor and a fresh vision to the job so that we may harness our diversity while galvanizing and empowering our voices in City Hall.

He knows and understands the challenges we must face together. The creation of affordable housing and homeownership opportunities, responsive public policy, education, public safety, senior care, small business support, substance abuse, re-entry housing, and the environment are among the many challenges that will require our attention.  

As your City Councilor, Barry will join other Councilors to call for an elected school committee, promote civility on our streets and in our City Council, and will always be an independent yet collaborative representative of District 3.

“When you elect me to serve in the City Council, I will take your issues with me.”

Barry Lawton


  • Ensure state funds directly serve student needs.

  • Support education policies that prioritize parental involvement and make educating all students a shared responsibility.


  • Provide timely constituent services.

  • Reduce taxes for senior homeowners.

  • Increase the quantity and quality of private and public housing for seniors.

  • Secure funds to offset the costs of purchasing medical prescriptions by fixed-income elders.


  • Revitalize and improve Dorchester and Roxbury's public bus and train system.

  • Provide free MBTA passes to students who meet grade and attendance requirements.


  • Promote anti-violence and tolerance.

  • Fund after-school programs to give youth positive alternatives to crime.

  • Work with law enforcement agencies, officers, civic associations, and residents to encourage ways of preventing crime.


  • Secure more jobs for Boston residents.

  • Aid job placements through apprenticeship and higher education programs.

  • Protect competitive wages, health benefits, and retirement packages for working individuals and their families.

  • Support employers and small business owners who want to maintain or expand their companies in District 3.


  • Encourage the use of Boston trades on new and rehab construction projects.

  • Provide incentives for all income brackets including low to moderate and middle-income buyers to purchase a home in Dorchester or Roxbury.

  • Assist renters to become homeowners by working with lenders, community groups, and government agencies to make homeownership a reality.


  • Report personnel statistics of State employees.

  • Install flashing safety signals in school zones.

  • Construct and rehab commuter rail stops in the Uphams Corner area and on the Red Line in Dorchester.

  • Provide MBTA passes for high school students who satisfy certain grade and attendance requirements.

  • Hold the Governor accountable for setting equal opportunity for appointments to State boards and commissions.

  • Grant the State Auditor authority to report how well or poorly banking and insurance industries are reinvesting monies in the community.

  • Reduce the return of non-violent and non-sexual offenders by mandating education and job skills training to prepare people for employment once released from prison.

  • Conduct an MBTA study to determine the costs and benefits of restoring a modern light rail trolley system from Dudley Square through Roxbury and Dorchester to Mattapan.

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